Dec 7, 2023

Rango adds High-Speed Internet to Washington’s Attractions List

Of the 50 states to choose from - to live in or relocate to - Washington is worth solid consideration, appealing to young professionals, families and retirees. Topping the list of attractions are the beautiful National Parks and volcanos, delicious produce from the Columbia River Valley, big city attractions if you’re into that, and the down-to-earth rural towns at the heart of the State’s natural resource economy. Forbes has also ranked Washington as the 3rd greenest state. Top reasons include a thriving economy, low crime rate, world-class healthcare, education and transport systems, and no income tax.

Of course, we realize that all the above reasons to move west will not convince you unless there’s the promise of a reliable and reputable ISP (Internet Service Provider). Even small town living relies on high-speed internet, especially in Washington’s more rural and underserved areas.

And here Rango has you covered; bridging the connectivity gap and going the extra mile  to bring you high-speed internet in Washington. We tailored packages and blazing-fast internet to sustain all your business bandwidth needs and fit all your household online requirements.

So, where will it be, to enjoy High-Speed Internet in Washington?

#1 Tri-Cities areas | The heart of Washington Wine country

The areas around Kennewick, Pasco, and Richland boast diverse and vibrant communities with easy access to wineries, restaurants, galleries, outdoor pursuits and some of the best public schools in the Northwest. Here is where you get ‘big-city’ luxuries with small-town community charm. And with Rango as your local ISP, you can get  blazing-fast  'big-city' internet speeds. 

You can be assured that every single home and business in the Washington Tri-cities and outer Tri-cities areas are covered with high-speed internet - no data capping shaping or throttling, no slow download speeds and no interrupted video calls.  

Whether you’re new in town, or looking to upgrade from your current provider, get ready to say good bye to slow internet issues

#2 Central Washington | Academia, Lakes & so much more

From Central Washington University to Alpine Lakes Wilderness (boasting 700 lakes, crenellated mountains and glacier-gouged valleys) and Lake Wenatchee, it's no surprise that Central Washington attracts students, young professionals, families, business entrepreneurs, hikers and extreme sports junkies. And now Rango’s high-speed internet gives peace of mind to all that their internet needs will be met.

With innovative ‘HiFi’ technology - which means not worrying about cable connections to your neighbourhood - Rango brings you reliable and affordable connectivity with super-fast internet speeds to serve all your residential computers, smartphones, gaming, video streaming, video calling, and security system needs. (Our pocket-friendly internet packages ensure you will experience the best of our Washington internet services and local customer service).

#3 Stevens County, WA | Nature on your Doorstep

Bordering Spokane County, Stevens County is where down-to-earth living comes into its own. Steeped in the history of logging and silver and copper mining, Colville, Chewelah Kettle Falls, Springdale, Loon Lake and Northport all offer those wanting to live here breathtaking views, forests, small family-friendly communities, small schools and now Rango HiFi internet

Living slightly off the beaten track should not mean being offline. Using a fiber-backed network, Rango’s state-of-the-art technology delivers high-speed internet in more rural areas and underserved communities of Washington. This translates to uninterrupted bandwidth to match the needs of your home or office. 

As your local ISP, Rango is committed to providing all Stevens County, WA residents with the ‘power of the tower’ HiFi internet- superior connectivity at affordable prices. Our on-the-ground team of experts is always available to address any issues. And with packages to suit all budgets, you can say ‘goodbye’ to buffering woes with a solid internet connection and a customer-service team at your beck and call.

Get Routed to Rango for Fast, Reliable Internet Today

As we continue to invest in local infrastructure, Rango is fast becoming the ISP in Washington that people love and can rely on. Choosing which area of Washington you want to live on or relocate to may be a dilemma, but choosing a high-speed ISP in Washington is not. 

Get in touch with us. We’d love to hear from you.  

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