Jul 21, 2023

Rangos Internet options welcome you to Richland and West Richland

Why are so many people moving to the Evergreen State, particularly the Tri-cities area? Topping the list are beautiful scenery, less traffic, great schools, an outdoor lifestyle and ‘big-city’ amenities packaged in a small-town vibe. And then there’s Richland, WA - located at the entrance to the renowned Red Mountain American Viticultural Area and the confluence of the Yakima and Columbia rivers - which quickly makes it onto the radar of those yearning for a slower pace of life. As an ISP (Internet Service Provider), the growing Richland community is one of our ‘hotspots,’ offering every resident reliable internet options and customized packages to connect them.

What Richland has on offer

The city of Richland, WA, is an invitation to those with a broad range of interests - from the youngest to the oldest. Wine connoisseur? Antique hunter? Skateboarding enthusiast? Jogger? Cyclist? Fisherman? Golfer? Water-skier? Yoga instructor? Artist? Indie music lover? Foodie? Entrepreneur? Young professional? Retiree? If any of these pursuits or stages of life resonate with you or a family member, then Richland  - along with its non-negotiable high-speed internet options - has your name written all over it.  

You may be wondering why we are harping on about internet options as a ‘carrot’ when Richland has so much else on offer. The reason is simple: a lack of quality ISPs can be a relocation deal breaker. If you aren’t assured of being  ‘well connected’ - for work, home, studying, networking or gaming - your productivity and daily quality of life will be seriously compromised. 

What Rango has to offer, for Internet Options in Richland and West Richland

As a local ISP, we have gone where few others have before. We are perfectly positioned to bridge the connectivity gap in Richland (and the broader tri-city areas) with our HiFi internet options. Pairing localized, friendly and transparent service with cutting-edge technology for a reliable, fast internet connection you can always count on, we are ready to welcome you home to all suburbs of Richland. 

(Not sure what our industry offering of ‘HiFi internet’ is? Read about it; it's much more than marketing lingo). 

#1 If your Richland Zip Code is 99352:

With a majority demographic in their late 20s to early 40s, this southeastern area of Richland is home to young professionals and growing families. Your internet connectivity requirements are unique and likely to include remote or hybrid work and household gaming, streaming and studying. 

Our no lag and no data shaping, capping or throttling internet service options promise lightning speed to suit your individual needs. Our investment in infrastructure and our local team of experts means we will not only attend to your installation but are on hand for any ongoing maintenance and upkeep of your fixed wireless connection.

#2 If your Richland Zip Code is 99353:

Situated on the banks of the Yakima River, West Richland boasts well-maintained parks and a vibrant arts scene, offering the perfect balance of work and play. Low crime rates and excellent schools also make it a great place to raise a family.

With our ISP rollout targeting more rural areas and remote suburbs, you can experience an online presence that is reliable and super fast with download speeds of up to 400 Mbps, which translates to lag-free gaming, quality audio and video for work and education purposes and buffer-free streaming. Our pocket-friendly, no-contract internet options and packages will meet your usage and budget needs. 

#3 If your Richland Zip Code is 99354:

The more eastern region of Richland - with its mild climate and scenic views - offers the perfect backdrop for outdoor activities. And don’t forget downtown which is abuzz with unique shops, galleries and restaurants for every preference and palate. 

As part of this community, our Rango commitment to providing high-speed internet and creating a company that people love and envision a long-term relationship with make us the ideal partner for anyone living in the Tri-cities area

From household and small startup businesses to enterprise-level applications, you can enjoy an unrestricted online experience. We’ve got the perfect internet package for you. Apply Today.

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