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Desert Winds Wireless is now proudly powered by Rango.

Leading Providers of Wireless Internet In Washington Stevens County

Looking for a reliable wireless internet connection in Washington Stevens County? We have certainly got you. With Rango.net at your service, you will be offered blazing-fast internet speeds that will get the job done.

Reliable and affordable internet service providers are here to make sure you get the best internet speeds in your community. Rango’s internet plans allow you to properly enjoy internet connections up to the speed of 500 MBPS. All the areas across Washington Stevens County will be able to experience what great connectivity feels like once they decide to choose us as their internet providers.

Reliable Services for Residential And Business Internet

Want to make sure that every single device in your home is connected? With our breakthrough fiber-based HiFi technology, you can ensure that every device from smartphones to TVs and security systems is connected on the go with our blazing-fast internet wireless internet.

Superior Quality Internet Services in Your Area

When compared to other internet providers, Rango’s services are not only superior but are affordable as well. We have a team of professionals who always strive to ensure that our clients are completely satisfied with the services that we provide. Choosing our internet plans will allow you to establish connectivity at its best in your homes and offices.

Enjoy the Best of 4k Video Streaming Services

When you choose to go for our fiber-based HiFi tech solution in Stevens County, you will be offered with an amazing and high speed internet connection that allows you to stream 4K videos with ease.  Delve into a rich and admirable video streaming experience with popular streaming applications such as Netflix and Amazon Prime. Rango collaborates with leading internet service providers such as Desert Winds Wireless to reach every area in Stevens County.

We Have Internet Services You Can Afford

Only pay $59.99 per month to experience the best of best internet services in Stevens County. Rango comes to you with cheap internet plans and has modern technology to support our services.

Don’t miss out on this chance and choose us to be your internet provider right now.

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Because we have a dedicated staff for each hub, we’re able to tirelessly provide the best internet service around.


All of our connections are tested and vetted,  and each of our plans includes a state-of-the-art router.


There are no contracts, no data caps, and no throttling within our plans — just fast internet from a team that cares.

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