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Preferred Networks, Inc. in Fast Internet Services in Reno, NV is now powered by Rango.

Rango brings fast and reliable internet to communities like yours. We are growing an internet company that people love — offering affordable, hassle-free, and blazing fast broadband everywhere.

Rely on the Fastest and Most Reliable Internet Provider in Reno Metro

Whether you're fed up with the slow Internet speed or wish to switch to a fast and reliable HiFi Internet speed, all you need to do is opt for one of the best Internet service providers in Reno Metro. We, at Rango, aim to transform the way you use the internet. Whether you use one device or six, the high-speed internet will ensure that you enjoy a lag-free working, chatting, streaming and much more. Still unsure? Keep reading to know more about what helps us stand ahead of the curve.

Reno Metro Internet Service

If you live in Reno Metro and wish to enjoy super-fast Internet speed, it's vital to switch to Rango. We believe that you deserve a high Internet speed that won't freeze just because someone in your home is online. Our ultimate goal is to ensure that every resident of Reno Metro gets award-winning Internet services from none other than Rango.

Internet Speeds

Rango takes pride in offering high-speed Internet services to all. We introduce you to the fastest Internet - HiFi backed by our robust state of the art technology. Whether you're just scrolling the feed, playing a game or running your business activity, our high-speed internet ensures that your every task runs smoothly. HiFi broadband is suitable for students, professionals, heavy Internet users and home enterprises.

Internet Service

Rango is your one-stop solution for choosing the best Internet provider in Reno Metro. This is because we offer a wide range of affordable Internet plans and plenty of benefits. The best part about our broadband speed is that it won't get reduced even if your family uses the internet. When you have unlimited internet at a fast speed, you can rest easy knowing that you'll get the maximum benefit out of your investment.

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Now that you know what makes Rango one of the best Internet service providers, it's time to scroll through the top Internet plans and pick the one that suits your needs, preferences and budget constraints.

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