Aug 10, 2023

The magic of a Fixed Wireless ISP | Connecting to Better Internet

On the social evolutionary scale, the internet has to rank as one of the most radical innovations of the 4th Industrial Revolution. It has completely changed everyday life (unless you’re a hermit on a remote island or live in some rural backwater location). But even then, access to the internet is coming your way; either by satellite or via a fixed wireless ISP that is going the extra mile to connect you to the rest of civilization.

The magic of a fixed wireless ISP (Internet Service Provider) is the answer to mitigating FOMO - no matter where you are.

There are probably two groups of people whose ‘antennae’ are up around the industry lingo related to internet connections and bandwidth solutions:


  • Group #1 is made up of those who have been ‘out of touch’ and are not ‘up to speed’ on the giant leaps and advancements in the telecoms industry. You may well be scratching your head when you hear the phrase ‘fixed wireless ISP' (or when the marketing flier is buffered through your post box). 

  • Group #2 comprises those ‘in the know’ who are part of an emerging target audience looking for a balanced work/play lifestyle by relocating to more rural areas and wants to know if there is a reliable fixed wireless ISP in the area. 

If you’re in the latter group, you don’t need to read further. You can simply visit to determine if we are in your area. (Just pop in your zip code). 

If you’re in the first group, please read on. What follows could literally change your life. 

Fixed Wireless Internet Service Defined

Without getting too technical, fixed wireless internet is a broadband internet solution, often tailored to small-towns or remote areas, that connects one location - a farm, homestead, forest cabin, house, school or business - by using radio waves/signals to deliver high-speed internet access. In layman's terms, that means you will need an antenna. (This basically allows you to live and work (almost) anywhere). 

Unlike older wired connections - like DSL or cable - fixed wireless internet doesn't require physical cables to be laid in the ground or connected into your home or business. Instead, it uses wireless technology to directly transmit internet signals from a nearby base station to an antenna installed on your property.

Where this impacts you ‘on the ground’ is that the speeds offered by a fixed wireless ISP are as fast as the ‘big-city’ speeds provided by fiber optic connections. Whether you’re surfing Reddit for memes or running a business, you can rest assured that your internet connection download speeds will reach from 10 Mbps to 400 Mbps – just choose the plan that’s right for you.

The Advantages of a Fixed Wireless Network

For rural areas

The challenge for those living in more  rural areas is accessing reliable and uninterrupted high-speed internet. This is where fixed wireless internet comes to the rescue.

Bridging the connectivity gap: 

Fixed wireless internet is a game-changer for rural areas where laying cables or infrastructure can be both expensive and impractical due to the vast distances and insufficient population density of homes and businesses. Access to the services and plans of a reputable fixed wireless ISP offers residents in these areas fast and reliable internet connections without the need for costly infrastructure installations (and disruptions). 

  1. High-speed Internet

In the past, rural areas often had to settle for much slower internet speeds, rendering it difficult to stream videos, download large files, or engage in high-res online activities. Fixed wireless internet - which Rango brings to the market in the form of our ‘HiFi’ internet offering - delivers high-speed internet to even the most remote locations, allowing residents to enjoy the same online.

A HQ Internet Experience for Remote Businesses

For businesses in more remote areas, a reliable internet connection is vital for day-to-day operations. Fixed wireless internet does not leave you out in the cold but enables you to access cloud services, video conferencing, online transactions, and other essential online tools without interruption. This helps increase productivity and competitiveness, allowing your businesses to thrive - no matter where you choose to set up.

  1. Cost-effective solution: 

For businesses operating in remote locations, running physical cables to connect to the internet is costly. A fixed wireless ISP eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure installations, making it a more affordable connectivity option for remote businesses. 

  1. Quick installation and flexibility

Setting up a fixed wireless internet connection is relatively quick and straightforward compared to traditional wired connections. As long as there is line-of-sight between the base station and the antenna, the installation process can be completed the next day. This flexibility allows remote businesses to get up and running faster, saving valuable time and resources.

  1. Scalability and reliability: 

Fixed wireless internet offers scalability, meaning businesses can easily upgrade their connection speeds as their needs grow. This scalability makes it ideal for remote businesses that experience fluctuating demands or require a scalable internet solution. Additionally, fixed wireless connections tend to be more reliable than satellite internet, which weather conditions can adversely affect.

Rango - your Local Fixed Wireless ISP

Rango has seen the ‘gap’ in the telecoms market and aims to bring you fast, reliable and uninterrupted broadband access. Our reach is constantly expanding and is currently making ‘waves’, bridging the connectivity gap in the Washington Tri-cities area and allowing you to live your best life in Nevada

That is just the start. We are committed to giving you access to 'big-city' speeds but with 'small-town' service. Watch this space and, in the meantime, check out our obligation-free plans and current service areas. 

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